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AIM: Fundamentals of Dental Implants: Diagnosis, Treatment Panning, and Placement

Date: November 21, 2014-November 23, 2014
Location: North Royalton, OH

Description: Live Surgery Course presented by Dr. Mark Iacobelli in North Royalton, OH.  CLICK HERE to register

Course Objective

To gain an understanding of the surgical skills required for successful implant placement, and begin to evaluate and refine those skills in a clinical setting.

Course Description

This is a three day hands-on course for student-doctor and TEAM.  It includes performing clinical exercises, observing live surgery, and assisting instructors in surgery on the student-doctor’s patients.  Anatomy, histology, and bone loss patterns relevant to implant placement will be reviewed in detail.  Prosthetic treatment planning will be discussed thereby maximizing the practitioner’s awareness of appropriate case selection as it relates to the participant’s skill level and abilities.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of his/her surgical abilities while preparing themselves for dental implant surgery.  During the surgical phase of this course, the student doctor primarily assists the instructors on the first implant case(s).

Mode of Instruction

Didactic instruction on day 1 is followed by two days of “hands on” surgical training.  The student-doctor will provide his/her own patient. This allows the attendee to follow the patient through completion of the restoration.   Course participants are required to submit the patient records (as outlined in the AIM Records Protocol) 30 days prior to the course for evaluation, treatment plan verification and a fee quote.

Participation in live surgeries suggests clinical attire (scrubs) for the second and third day.  Bringing Loupes and accompanying illumination is recommended.

CE Credits

This course qualifies for 21 continuing education credits


Completion of “Introduction to Dental Implants” and/or prior experience with implants is required.

Greater NY Dental Meeting

Date: November 30, 2014-December 03, 2014
Location: Jacob Javitz Center, New York, NY

Description: Be sure to visit A. Titan booth #1808 at the upcoming NY Dental Meeting!  Don't miss out on exclusive promotions and our end of the year overstock table!

Practical Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner

Date: December 01, 2014
Location: Jacob Javitz Center New York, NY

Description: This program discusses pertinent medical information as it relates to anti-coagulation, antibiotic prophylaxis and management of patients on regimens that pertain to osteoporosis. Learn to manage patient anxiety and pain from a review of local anesthesia and sedation. Attendees learn about instrumentation and techniques to perform exodontiawith more ease and confidence in addition to preserving alveolar bone for restorative treatment plans. Techniques for third molar removal, odontogenic infections and management along with management of common complications are included.


·         to evaluate a patient’s medical status and manage medically complex issues

·         to manage patient anxiety and pain

·         appropriate instrumentation to perform minimally invasive “atraumatic” exodontiaand incorporate socket preservation grafting



Course Number4390
Course TitlePractical Oral Surgery for General Practitoners
Course TopicOral Surgery
Speaker(s)Alonge, John L.
Session TypeHalf Day
Course TypeSeminar
Tuition (Dentist)$150
Tuition (Aux)$150
Course Time9:00am - 12:00pm

Exodontia Techniques Hands-On Workshop

Date: December 02, 2014
Location: Jacob Javitz Center, New York, NY

Description: Perform procedures using specialty equipment on life-like custom models and learn advanced exodontia techniques including socket preservation grafting. Learn to position instruments, patients and yourself to perform techniques that prevent complications


·         to perform surgical procedures with confidence using specialty anatomic forceps

·         appropriate armamentarium to perform surgery more efficiently and predictably

·         alternative incision and flap design to remove third molars


Course DateTuesday, December 02, 2014
Course Number5630
Course TitleExodontia Techniques Hands-On Workshop
Course TopicOral Surgery
Speaker(s)Alonge, John L.
Session TypeHalf Day
Course TypeWorkshop
Tuition (Dentist)$375
Tuition (Aux)$375
Course Time9:45am - 12:45pm


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