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ARCHIVE Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

A. Titan has transformed the art of manufacturing by continuing to implement new technological advances into the manufacturing process.  Experienced staff and engineers work as a team to quickly adapt to the ever changing world of production machining.  For over 3 decades our state of the art manufacturing facility has committed to bringing innovative products to market in the Dental, Medical, Auto, Industrial, and Oil & Gas industries.  Taking your ideas from concept to market, our highly trained  staff of engineers and certified production workers bring technical expertise and industry knowledge to deliver quality products quickly and efficiently.  

Engineering Solutions

Our dedicated engineering team focuses on developing solutions that bring your concepts and ideas to market in an expeditious manner.  Through efficient processes such as proper testing, analysis, development, and execution we produce products that reduce costs and increases ROI. 



Solutions by Market

Collaborating with our engineers, we bring your innovative concepts to life utilizing our state of the art equipment and turnkey manufacturing/integration processes.  We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.  Please click here to contact us for more information.  A. Titan serves as a manufacturer for Dental, Medical, and Non Medical markets listed below.  


In the dental market, our biggest advantage is our capability to manufacture every component at our facility. We do not outsource any handles, blank tips, etc. This enables us to expedite the process while maintaining the highest level of quality control. All products are formed to industry standards, according to individual product specifications.

Medical Devices

We are a full service Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in medical devices.  Our scope ranges from micromachined complex projects,  small volume hand assembled products, and highly automated computer controlled products.  Our wide range of capabilities allows us to deliver a complex product with consistency and precision.


Through vast experience and skills acquired by manufacturing for multiple industries, we are able to supply numerous components for the automotive markets.  Committed to meeting the demands of your changing production volumes, with a proven track record in reducing machinery costs and delivering a high quality product with shorter project cycles and lower costs. Gain a competitive edge with higher productivity.

General Machining

General machining requirements mean the most when you are looking to produce quality projects efficiently with consistency. Whether you are looking to produce out of steel or titanium alloy; whether your looking for short runs or complex features, A. Titan's first class manufacturing facility guarantees faster cut times, a reduction of non cut times, and faster deliver faster of an accurate impeccable product.

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