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AAP Foundation PerioDash: Running to support the future of Periodontal Education

Shedding light on one of the more unique fundraisers being held nationwide, A. Titan has partnered with the AAP Foundation to sponsor the PerioDash, furthering our commitment to the future of periodontal education.  For two weeks in October, students and colleagues across the country show support for the AAP Foundation by taking part in a "virtual" run, which means you can run or walk a 5K wherever you want, on your own schedule, from October 1 - 15. According to Dana Camucho, the Director of Development for the AAP Foundation, "You can even complete your 5K on a treadmill, getting involved is the most important part."  When talking to Dana, whom is very passionate about the event, she was able to share some more information and how to get involved.

Q. How did the Perio Dash originate?
A. PerioDash was born as part of the AAP Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2015. Everything we were learning about younger donors indicated that they would rather *do* something for an organization versus writing a check, and we were interested in introducing ourselves to our younger constituents. It has worked well so far, and has engaged not only young periodontists, but also others across the country who had not previously been involved with the AAP Foundation. 
Q. To date, how many schools/people do you have participating in the event?
A. We currently have around 220 people registered to run or walk. There are 9 teams registered, with a whopping 85 people on the “LA Team”, comprised of students and faculty from UCLA, USC, LA VA, and periodontists from the surrounding areas. Other schools include the University of Michigan, Harvard University, Marquette and the University of Florida. There are also 4 perio practice teams.
This event has grown each year. We started with 50 people in 2015, and as word spread, we grew to 100, then 150, and now more than 200. The enthusiasm around PerioDash continues to grow, as well. We have a runner in Dubai, one in Singapore, and two in Japan this year!
Q. Where do the proceeds from the Dash go towards?
A. Proceeds from PerioDash support the education and research initiatives of the AAP Foundation. This year, much more of runners’ registration fees will be going directly to the AAP Foundation’s charitable mission, thanks to a generous sponsorship from A-Titan. We are so grateful to our participants and to A-Titan for making this our most successful PerioDash yet!
Q. Why is it important to participate?
A. We encourage everyone to participate in PerioDash. It’s something health-positive you can do for yourself, and you can participate alone or as part of a team. By signing up, you’re helping us spread the word about the AAP Foundation, and educate others about the Foundation’s work. When our donors and the Foundation leaders collaborate, it’s amazing what we can achieve. Since our inception in 1990, the AAP Foundation has awarded more than $5 million in scholarships, fellowships, grants, and awards. Many award recipients have expressed that they wouldn’t have been able to pursue an academic path had it not been for Foundation support. Whether you do it through PerioDash, volunteering, or making a donation, your support of the AAP Foundation is making a difference for the specialty every day.
For more information about PerioDash and about the AAP Foundation, please visit www.periofoundation.org. If you have any questions, or would like more information about how to get involved with the AAP Foundation’s work, please email dana@perio.org. 

Team LA Perio Dash 2018