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EASY X-TRAC; Making dental extractions easy as 1...2...3

The Easy X Trac system is wildly popular amongst Periodontists and General Practitioners who are actively placing implants. Dental practitioners find the system a necessity to preserving bone and tissue during an extraction.  Most new users become true believers in the Easy X Trac system once they either see it in action or are using it themselves during a hands on training course. This however, this isn’t the case for Dr. Brian Toorani. Dr. Toorani has been in private practice since graduation and is dedicated to raising the standard of excellence through techniques that recreate natural restorations. After hearing his story, I had to share how he came about using the system and how it has now become an integral part of his practice.  Dr Toorani was happy to share his story with us below.

Q.  How did you first hear about the Easy X-Trac System
A.  I heard about it through some friends who used it. 

 Q.  When did you decide to start using the system and why?
 A.  After my recent fall and right wrist fracture, I am limited with my strength and wrist mobility.  I do have a surgical Acteon Piezotome unit that I use for surgical extractions to help preserve bone, however, after a recent struggle with an extraction case, I ordered this unit and I could not believe how much easier and faster and simpler it was to extract a root.  Best investment for me yet, specially with my wrist limitation.

 Q.  How has the system changed your extraction technique?
 A.  Now, whenever we can use this system, we do so.  It has become our favorite extraction tool.  We are now more efficient and extraction times are way more predictable. 

 Q.  Why do you think it’s important for other General Practitioners to use this system?
 A.  When it comes to extractions, preserving the bone, and changing the patient experience is key.  This kit also makes the procedure predictable, efficient and kinda fun! This is why I feel GPs need to know about this amazing system. 

In addition to his successful private practice, Dr Toorani teaches live implant and sinus lift courses at the Dental Oasis of Orange County in Huntington Beach, CA.  Upcoming courses show and demonstrate Lateral Sinus Lift techniques, simple Implant Placement techniques, Phlebotomy preparation of i-PRF and A-PRF, and various grafting techniques. 

Below are some images taken by Dr. Toorani using the Easy X Trac System in a recent case. 

Easy X Trac

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