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Dental Suturing; Refine Your Technique

Suturing technique always seems to be a hot discussion during lectures and hands on workshops, so we decided to shed some light on the topic seeing that there is such a broad array of sutures to choose from and more often than not a disconnect on the proper suturing techniques being practiced. Since dental suturing is a skill that is acquired and perfected through practice, below are some suturing pearls that can be digested and practiced.  This guide is provided directly from the AAOMS and can be downloaded from the publication page of our website or from link below.

Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Guide To Suturing

Some of the suturing technique topics referenced and discussed include use of routine interrupted sutures, tying of a routine interrupted suture, a surgeons knot, placing isolated routine sutures after an implant procedure, ways to make three cornered flap suturing easier, and use of a mattress suture.  

In addition to the suturing guide there are always questions surrounding suture selection and type. When asked about his, “go to suture”, Dr. John Alonge, an accomplished oral surgeon, responded by saying, “that is a loaded question since it depends on varying factors such as the tissue, procedure, tensile strength needed and for how long, as well as the location and size of the knot".  Saying all of the above, he narrowed his, "favorites" down to the following:

3-0 Plain Gut for third molar and surgical extractions
4-0 Chromic Gut for socket grafting, implants, alveoplasty, and biopsies
3-0 PGA or Cytoplast for augmentation bone grafting

What is the difference between Plain Gut and Chromic Gut?  How do their resorption times differ?  What are the advantages to using PGA over Gut?  For more information on the differences between these sutures, and the tensile strength of each use the link below to download your suture material guideline.  This document also contains a suture and needle comparisons chart to help compare brands.  To browse the entire line of absorbable and non absorbable RS3 Razor Sharp sutures available, click here.

Suture Materials &  Comparison