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X-Otome Straight Beveled Spade

Surgical (XO-77)


The beveled spade shaped blade of the XO-77 is ideal for interproximal tissue reflecting.  The bevel works great to hug the root. The X-Otome is a hybrid, a cross between the periotome and a root elevator. Severing the PDL and creating space along the mesio distal plane is executed with precision and accuracy, due to the thin honed ends. The tips preserve tissue structures & eliminate bone fracturing. The custom grip handle has a thumb rest for even power transfer of hand pressure. Also used to remove roots and root fragments, the X-Otomes are made in the USA out of 100% stainless steel.

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| Apr 23, 2016

I've been in practice for 22 years, and I've extracted thousands of teeth. I bought A pair of forceps last year, and an XO-77 X-Otome came with it free. It has quickly become one of my favorite instruments. I've bought a couple more since. The XO-77 saves a ton of work even on the most difficult extractions. Buy one. Actually, buy several if you do a lot of extractions. They are worth every penny.

Yes, I would recommend this product.
| May 28, 2013
Dr. David McGuire

We all know and hate those horrid broken down teeth; level w/ the bone, endo, roots left by another dentist. Traditionally I used the drill. Last week a case presented, tailor-made for these instruments. 10 teeth, of which one was viable, 7 were broken even with the bone, 2 were residual roots. All came out with ease with these instruments. These are must-have tools, on the short-list for those who care for their patients.

Yes, I would recommend this product.