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Extraction Forceps


Extraction Forceps are crafted in Germany from stainless steel and are available in 5 different series which have unique beak designs geared towards bone preservation and performing an atraumatic extraction.  

Extraction Forceps are available in 5 different handle and beak designs:

Plus+ Series Extraction Forceps have advanced beak designs which refine your atraumatic extraction technique and promote asethetic success.

X-Trac Extraction Forceps have holes in the handles and unique beak designs to aid in the performance of an atraumatic extraction.

Apical Retention Extraction Forceps have diamond grit handles and beveled beak designs that enable the forceps to engage the crown and root while performing an extraction.

Diamond Grit Extraction Forceps have beaks lined with diamond grit that provides an extra grip while engaging the tooth during extraction.

Pedo Extraction Forceps are available with springs and without to work effectively in little mouths. 

Standard Extraction Forceps have standard beak designs and diamond knurl handles.